Participation Studio

How can we empower municipalities in the art of participation?

Study trip University of Antwerp

How can we organise a covid-proof study trip?

Summerschool VAi 2017

How can we empower children in shaping their cities?


How can we set up an alternative educational programme for city makers?

PhD: Participation & coproduction in planning

How can we involve actors in urban development in a pro-active way?

PhD: Creating room for socially innovative planning

How can we learn lessons from the start-up of a new practice?

Book: Gross National Happiness

How can we improve wellbeing?

Interview about Endeavour by NAV (NL)

How can we translate the social into the spatial?

Interview about the Police Tower (NL)

How can we create space for art?

Paper: From activists to social entrepreneurs

How can we combine activism and social entrepreneurship?

Paper: Valuating narrative accounts in planning processes

How can we include narratives in planning processes?

Paper: Ambiguity as agency

How can we use ambiguity to negotiate a balance between access, trust and criticality?

Paper: The Politics of Nostalgia in Urban Redevelopment

How can we understand the politics of nostalgia in urban redevelopment projects?

Book: Design in Dialogue

How can we design in dialogue?

OASE #104: The Urban Household Of Metabolism

How can we voedseloverschotten omzetten in een grondstof voor sociale transformatie?

The Quest for Uncertainty. Decolonizing the Future in Urban Planning.

How can we onzekerheid in stadsplanning herdenken?

Webinar Wooncoöperaties

How can we wooncoöperaties herintroduceren in Vlaanderen?

Toolbox 'a spatial shift of opportunities'

How can we experience the opportunities of the 'bouwshift' yourself?